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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

With great pleasure we represent to You the subsequent development in the field of the light weight construction:

"Encumberable spatial-reticulated structure"

This inovative and applied for a patent material is of very firm one and shows improvement in physical characteristics, in comparison to well known honey-combed panels, linking panels or other materials of the same kind.

The encumerable spatial.reticulated structure makes available the production of light weight-weight products with high firmness, and the posibillity of mass production using all kinds of materials.

For products and buyers in the field of light weight construction, this means:

  • reducing the costs of materials
  • clear improvement in the characteristics of products
  • high potential of the growth
  • possibility of mass production in various indrustrial branches

Using 3-dimensional short-sticked inventions that are based on the principle of the truncated rhombic dodecahedron using minimal consumption of material, we get, in this case, the maximum of volume. This invention is done on the base of data taken out from bionics. Here, soap suds is the solution of the natural balance of the power, because, the same minimal surfaces embrace the maximal volume, and in this way, take over the environment tension optimally.

Aside from that to which industrial branches you want to offer your products or the choice of material you use for production of them, we want to show to You, and maybe to Your buyers, the way for THE THIRD DIMENSION in the light weight construction.

We kindly ask You to contact us

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